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Equestrian Accessories

Browse toy equestrian accessories ranging from stable sets to stable feed kits and cleaning accessories. You can maintain your stable or groom or horses with luxury horse grooming sets.

Toy Equestrian Accessories by Amazon Marketplace

Stable Feed Set
Breyer 2486 Stable Feed Set - 1:9 Scale

Price: £10.49 (price may change)

Horses need to be fed and watered two to three times a day, to ensure good health and optimum performance.
Grooming Kit
Breyer 2476 - Grooming Kit - 1:9 Scale

Price: £10.95 (price may change)

Keep your horse looking his best with this authentic grooming kit featuring grooming box, scraper, curry comb, hoof pick and clippers.
Stable Cleaning Set
Breyer 2477 - Stable Cleaning Set - 1:9 Scale

Price: £8.50 (price may change)

The set includes everything you need to keep your horse stable clean and ready each day.