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Toy Horses

Most farmyard sets come complete with stables, and what farm wouldn't be complete without a set of stunning toy horses for trotting around the farmyard, taking walks down the country lanes or riding through the countryside enjoying the fresh air. Toy horses look perfect with there heads popping through toy stable doors and around on the farm.

Horses and Riders
Britains 1:32 Horses and Riders

Price: £3.95

A terrific set of 3 horses with a riding family including mum, dad and there little son. Perfect for troting around the countryside in comfort.
Bruder Horses
Bruder 1:16 Horses (Styles May Vary)

Price: £13.75

Bruder very own range of toy horses include these wonderfully detailed horses.
Western Riding Set
Schleich Western Riding Set

Price: £6.95

The Schleich Western Riding Set is wonderfully realistic and naturalistic.
Palomino Stallion
Schleich Palomino Stallion

Price: £4.75

This Schleich Palomino stallion is from the farm life range of Schleich figures. 14cm(L) x 10cm(H).
Akhal-Teke Mare
Bullyland Akhal-Teke Mare

Price: £4.99

Strange old name but this Akhal-Tek mare is a horse with a difference. His has a thinner body with a bright tan body and black hair.
Shetland Foal
Bullyland Shetland Foal

Price: £3.49

This Shetland Foal Pony (baby) is a real winning with girls. With it's light tan body and white features, will make a lovely pet for her.
Quarter Horse Mare
Bullyland Quarter Horse Mare

Price: £4.53

A big and bulky toy horse that will certainly please the horse lover. Features a dark brown body, black hair with a large white stripe.
Shire Horse Foal
Bullyland Shire Horse Foal

Price: £3.17

This young Shire Horse is a younger one of the big Shire horses.
Shire Horse Stallion
Bullyland Shire Horse Stallion

Price: £4.99

This stropping guy is a Shire Horse Stallion. This guy can be used for shows and events and pull carriages for weddings and special events.
Iceland Stallion
Bullyland Island Hengst Hellbraun

Price: £4.07

The Iceland Stallion Horse has an absolutely beautiful body with a marble of colours. This model displays the Iceland Stallion running.
Tinker Horse Stallion
Bullyland Tinker Horse Stallion

Price: £4.99

This good looking guy is a Tiner Horse Stallion. This guy can be used for shows and events and pull carriages for weddings and special events.