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Wooden Toy Stables

Our huge range of wooden horse stables below provide children a wide range of toy stables suitable for any size and scale horses, for both boys and girls. Stables come with 2, 3, or even 4 stable bay with American style stable barns available for your Breyer and Le Toy Van horses.

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Brushwood Toys in 1:32 Scale

The Stable Yard
Brushwood Toys - The Stable Yard - 1:32 Scale

Price: £69.43

Built to 1:32 scale and suitable for Britains and Siku Land Rovers, horse boxes and horses.

Kids Globe Farming in 1:32 Scale

Kids Globe 1:32 Wooden Horse Stable
Kids Globe Farming - Wooden Horse Stable with 9 Stalls - 1:32 Scale

Price: £42.27

Stables for 9 horses and a storage area.


Schleich Triple Stable
Schleich Triple Stable

Price: £63.78

Marvellous stable for any child who loves horses. Doors open, roof lifts off and open back allow full access. Featuring three stalls inside.
Schleich Horse Stable
Schleich Horse Stable

Price: £59.99

Hinged doors and windows, unhinged roof, 4x stalls for your horses and a wide walkway for your vehicle and horse box to pass through.
Schleich Horse Stable with Accessories
Schleich Horse Stable with Accessories

Price: £82.50

Accessories such as paddocks, horses, riding set, hay and straw, apples and more.

Breyer Traditional in 1:9 Scale

Breyer 1:9 Barn
Breyer Tractional - Wood Stable - 1:9 Scale

Price: £34.99

Give your horses a place to rest and relax with this natural wooden stable.
Breyer 1:9 BIG Stable
Breyer Traditional - Deluxe Wood Stable with Cupola - 1:9 Scale

Price: £107.37

Two stall stable with mats, built-in feed bins, sliding doors, hay loft, made from natural wood.

Breyer Stablemates in 1:32 Scale

Breyer 1:32 Stablemates Red Stable Set
Breyer Stablemates - Red Stable Set - 1:32 Scale

Price: £21.99

American style red stable set featuring 3 stall with real working doors.