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Toy Silage Pits & Silos

If your young farmer is developing his own diary farm then he is going to need a place to store the winter feeding. Traditional ways even today is to load up the cattle feed in a special pit where it's covered and stored over the months to feed the animals. Cow can't always graze on the field so the farmer picks up the silage from the silage pits and delivers the feed straight into the cow shed. Frost and harsh whether are amongst the reasons cattle can't graze properly so they have it delivered.

Siku in 1:32 Scale

Kids Globe Farming in 1:32 Scale

Kids Globe Farming in 1:16 Scale

Brushwood Toys in 1:32 Scale

Silo Set
Brushwood Toys 1:32 Silo Set

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Slurry Store
Brushwood Toys 1:32 Slurry Store

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