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Toy Bulls

If you run a farm with cows then you'll going to need a bull - or male cow - to breed and produce calves to fill your barn.

If you run a farm with just bulls, then you likely produce beef, but if you just have the one toy bull within your cow set on the farm, you'll likely to be operating a dairy farm. But the bull does not live with the cows, he lives in his own barn and joins the cows on the field in the day.

We have a suitable range of bulls to join your growing cattle, but you don't need to match up the same breed if you don't want to. But in Britains 1:32 you get a set of all bulls in one. And with Collecta and Schleich figures there are a selection of bulls to mix and max.

Available breeds below includes the world-famous Hereford, a Scottish Angus and Highland, Holstein and less known Fleckvieh.

Britains in 1:32 Scale

Hereford Cattle
Britains 1:32 Hereford Cattle

Price: £5.00

One of the longest living breeds come in 1:32 scale for use on a cattle or dairy farm.
Simmental Cattle
Britains 1:32 Simmental Cattle

Price: £3.55

Big, bulky Simmental cattle in brown and white made in 1:32 scale.
Charolais Cattle
Britains 1:32 Charolais Cattle

Price: £5.25

Produce an instant 1:32 scale Charolais cattle farm or mix them up with other breeds.

Bruder in 1:16 Scale

Bruder 02309 - Bull - 1:16 Scale
Bruder 02309 - Bull - 1:16 Scale

Price: £3.89

Finally, we get to see Bruder expand their farm animal range with this generic brown 1:16 bull.


Schleich 13763 - Hereford Bull
Schleich 13763 - Hereford Bull

Price: £5.99

World-famous Hereford bull for use on the cattle or dairy farm, markets or for parading.
Schleich 13632 - Holstein Bull
Schleich 13632 - Holstein Bull

Price: £4.74

Match this Holstein bull up with all black and white cows, as he'll really look the part.
Schleich 13658 - Scottish Highland Bull
Schleich 13658 - Scottish Highland Bull

Price: £15.11

Very hairy Highland bull with horns out of his head and a big, bulky body.
Schleich 13766 - Angus Bull, Black
Choleric 13766 - Angus Bull, Black

Price: £5.18

Mean, bulky Scottish Black Angus bull finished in a highly recognisable colour.
Schleich 13138 - Fleckvieh Bull
Schleich 13138 - Fleckvieh Bull

Price: £11.31

Less-known, Switzerland bred Fleckvieh make a rare appearance on UK farms.
Schleich - Texas Longhorn Bull
Schleich 13275 - Texas Longhorn Bull

Price: £8.99

This Texas Longhorn bull is probably better suited to an American style barn and farm.


CollectA Hereford Bull
CollectA Hereford Bull

Price: £4.75

Cute faced Hereford bull from Collecta with a deep red coat and horns out of his head.
CollectA Highland Bull
CollectA Highland Bull

Price: £4.60

Delightful Scottish Highland bull where he lives, up in the Highlands, grazing.