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Toy Farm Spreaders, Sprayers & Tankers

We provide a range of farm implements ranging from toy spreaders, sprayers, fertilizers and toy tankers. Toy farm spreaders are used to fertislize using manure with pest control cemicals also available to spray on the crops. Spreaders, sprayers, tankers and other toy farm implements can be attached to a tractor using the hitch or mounted to the back if the implement isn't fitted with wheels.

Toy Spreaders, Sprayers & Tankers by Amazon Marketplace

Keenan Klassik 140 Diet Feeder Wagon
Britains 1:32 Keenan Klassik 140 Diet Feeder Wagon

Price: £14.99 (price may change)

Feeding trailer used to mix the correct feed for animals and cattles in the farm.
Siku - Amazone Crop Sprayer (1:32 scale)
Siku 1:32 Amazone Crop Sprayer

Price: £11.48 (price may change)

Feature extendable spraying arms and can be attached to the hitch of 1:32 tractors by Siku.
Siku Vacuum Tanker
Siku 1:32 Vacuum Tanker

Price: £24.95 (price may change)

This Vacuum Tanker is used to pump slurry from animal units on the farm, mainly from cows and sheep.
Bruder Crop Sprayer
Bruder 1:16 Crop Sprayer

Price: £9.00 (price may change)

Crop sprayer can be mounted to toy tractors by Bruder in scale 1:16. The arms fold out and when not in use can be actually filled with water.